Vlieseline (Vilene) Waist Shaper - Fuse and Fold Tape

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White fuse and fold tape for accurate skirt and trouser waistbands, no marking required. Perforated lines ensure easy sewing and turning in. Iron on dry, press firmly and slowly 5-6 times per area. Machine washable up to 95 degrees. Dry cleanable. Price per metre.

  • Width: 70mm (10-25-25-10mm)
  • 60% PES, 40% ZS
  • Creates a 25mm (1") waistband with 1cm seam allowance

Although, this product is traditionally used for waistband making, this fusible interfacing product also makes 25mm (1") professional-looking, comfy to hold, strong bag straps.  Quick and simple to use.  No need to mark, or find the centre, just fold along the perforations for neat and accurate results.