Lightweight Duchesse Satin Fabric

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This heavy-weight (for lining) satin lining fabric has a low sheen, more 'body', and a crisper handle. This acetate lining can also be used as dress fabric for bridesmaids, budget brides, other wedding outfits, proms, etc. The body and handle are perfect for full skirts and gowns.

Acetate fabric, which has a rich feel, is frequently utilised as a lower-cost alternative to silk. Acetate fabric, also known as cellulose acetate, is a type of fabric created by combining natural fibres and synthetic fibres. Although acetate comes from a natural and renewable resource, such as wood pulp, it is considered a semi-synthetic fabric.

  •  Width: 112cm (44").
  • Composition: 100% Acetate.
  • Colours: Cerise, Coral, Hyacinth, Navy, Purple.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 30 degrees, medium iron. To be sure, we strongly recommend testing a small piece first.
  • Price per metre.