Janome Needle Threader/Inserter

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One end of this accessory has a hook which enables easier needle threading and the other end has a hole which you can drop your needle into making it easier to hold whilst you insert it into the machine.

Changing a needle: Turn off the power switch. Holding the grip, insert the needle into the needle clamp and push it up as far as it will go. Then tighten the needle clamp screw firmly while keeping the holder in place.

Needle threading: Turn off the power switch. Holding the grip of threader with mark up. Guide the thread, inserting it into the Y groove of the knob from right to left. Place the V groove over the needle just above the needle eye. Slide the threader down the needle while pushing it gently until the threader pin goes into the needle eye. Push the grip. Remove the threader from the needle slowly. Then pick up the loop with the hook pulling the end of the thread out to the back.