Clover Chaco Liner Pen Style

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The Chaco Liner Pen Style has a chalk type powered ink that flows round a serrated wheel to produce a fine line. The fine pen point permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and freehand curves. The tapered point for easy markings when using with a ruler. The Refill Cartridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style (sold separately) is easy to replace when the powered ink runs out.


  • Fit the cap to the bottom of the pen during use (this gives the pen added length for easy drawing).
  • Pat the powered ink to erase lines and marks. wash fabric with detergent to remove any persistent marks.

Notes for use:

  • Test the pen first on a piece of scrap fabric to be sure that the lines and marks can be erased. On some fabrics it may not be possible to erase lines and marks. Do not use on fabrics that are not washable.
  • Keep the Chaco Liner Pen Style as vertical as possible during use (the powered ink will not flow smoothly from the pen if it is at a sharp angle).
  • Ironing or dry-cleaning may make the marks permanent.
  • Keep pen point and transparent cartridge joined together while powered ink remains in the cartridge to avoid spills.
  • Fasten the cap firmly to the body to store the pen when not in use.