Overlockers & Specialist Machines

A professional finish every time...

Save time and professionally finish projects inside and out, on even the finest stretch knits and speciality fabrics! The main benefit of an overlocker (also known as a serger) is that it can sew a seam, finish the edge and trim off the excess fabric all in one step. Unlike sewing machines, overlockers cannot sew buttonholes or zips. You can sew a seam together and finish the edges at the same time with a 4 thread finish. For open seams use a 3 thread finish and creat fine rolled hems with 3 or 2 threads on the finest of fabrics. See the air threading AT2000D Professional for the easiest threading overlocker Janome has ever made!

Hemming stretch fabrics is easy with a coverstitch machine. Parallel rows of straight stitching are created on the fabric right side and stitching covers the raw hem on the fabric reverse side. The CoverPro 3000 Professional even has a top cover hem, like you'll find on sports garments.

The 1200D combined overlocker and coverstitch model also has decorative stitching options, such as a blanket hem finish plus a simultaneous top and bottom coverstitch for an industrial style cover hem finish.

An extensive range of optional accessories are available for all Janome overlockers and coverstitch models.